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The Danger of Wounds for People with Diabetes

Last updated 3 years ago

For people with diabetes, wounds are particularly dangerous. Slow-healing injuries can lead to significant complications, including infections that spread to the bone and that can lead to the need for amputation. If you have diabetes and a wound that is not healing, seek medical attention right away at the Wound Care Center at Englewood Community Hospital. We provide a range of wound treatments to speed healing and prevent the spread of infections. If you have diabetes, here’s what you need to know about the dangers of wounds.

Why Do Wounds Heal Slower in People with Diabetes?

Diabetes can cause a number of complications that interfere with healing. With diabetes, your immune system is weakened, which makes it harder for your body to heal wounds and fight off infections. Narrowed arteries can slow the delivery of the nutrient-rich blood that is necessary for healing. Diabetes can also cause neuropathy, which can impact your ability to feel the wound. In some cases, people with diabetic nerve damage develop a wound that becomes infected without even knowing it is there because their nerves don’t signal the pain. This leads to further injury and may allow an infection to spread.

What Are the Potential Complications?

Wounds that don’t heal properly can cause pain and impact your mobility, but infection is the most significant danger. Wound infections can cause major damage to the surrounding tissue and can spread to the bone. Once the infection is in the bone, it can be very difficult to treat. Many cases of amputation in people with diabetes start with a small wound that becomes infected.

If you have wound that won’t heal, ask your doctor to refer you to Englewood Community Hospital for treatment. We use an aggressive approach and advanced technologies to treat diabetic wounds. In addition to wound care, our Englewood, FL hospital offers a comprehensive range of services, including an emergency room and cardiac care. For more information, visit our website or call us now at (888) 658-1598. 


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