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Comparing Heart Attack Symptoms in Men and Women

Last updated 4 years ago

What is it really like to have a heart attack? The Hollywood version of a sudden and massive event does happen sometimes, but it’s not the rule for most patients. Cardiac crises can be much more subtle, and the signs are not the same for all patients. Men and women often experience heart attack symptoms in different ways, and that can lead to a delay in cardiac care. It’s important to educate yourself about all symptoms of a heart attack so you can react quickly and get emergency care when you need it. Here’s a look at how symptoms vary between men and women.

Heart Attacks in Men

Men are more likely than women to experience the stereotypical kind of heart attack. Men often have chest pain and pressure, accompanied by pain one or both arms. They may also experience pain in the back, jaw, neck, and even stomach. Dizziness and shortness of breath are common, as are sweating and nausea. It is also typical to experience fatigue or a general sense of unwellness.

Heart Attacks in Women

For women, heart attack symptoms can be subtler and may build more slowly. Women may feel a squeezing sensation in their chests that radiates to the neck, shoulder, and jaw. Upper abdominal pressure, as well as pressure in the main back, are also possible. As with men, women may feel dizzy, short of breath, or nauseous. Female heart attack survivors often report feeling an impending sense of doom in the days before they have heart attacks.

Men and women alike should seek immediate care at the emergency room at Englewood Community Hospital whenever they experience heart attack symptoms. Delaying treatment allows more heart tissue to die, which increases the risk of complications. From our emergency room to our cardiac care department, we can provide the fast intervention needed to protect your heart health. Contact our Englewood, FL hospital now at (888) 658-1598 to learn more about our cardiac care services. 


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